In a Mother’s Shoes

When I was a little girl, I used to fool around the house wearing her shoes not knowing how lucky I was to be stepping in a great lady’s shoes. Growing up by her side I learned every single day, how hard it is to be stepping in a mother’s shoes… A mother devoting her… Continue reading In a Mother’s Shoes

Illusionary World

In the middle of nowhere struggling ahead to move while life have slapped you right in your face once again. Blocking walls are getting higher; fire is eating what is barely left, traps, shrubs, lizards and snakes. Every moment of each day we reach for something that leads to a fruitless end again. At the… Continue reading Illusionary World


As I sat in the crowded bus on my way home, a small kid about 7 to 8 years old stopped the bus and hopped in. I looked at him wearing his school uniform,  carrying a backpack which is absolutely bigger and heavier than his tiny body. He sat by the window staring out as… Continue reading Flashbacks

A Crazy Wish

As humans we care so much about details, even the smallest ones. So when it comes to stories, we focus on every tiny thing that helps us in creating the image in our minds. When we are listening to our grandparent’s stories or even to our parent’s ones; we ask them about every single detail.… Continue reading A Crazy Wish


We are all born to be free, to take the lead and walk ahead, powerfully and liberally. Some believe that trapping themselves and waiting for the rescue is easier than fighting for life. They choose to lock themselves, to be imprisoned, silent and weak. They decide it is easier to hide in the dark and… Continue reading Freedom

Maze of Confusion

Inside a huge maze with a plan or without it; we always tend to move forward; somehow towards the bright side. We work and stroll ahead, heads up, mind full, carrying all what we have of accomplishments, ambitions and hopes. Glances backwards, flashbacks, memories and nostalgia, when out of a sudden you’re stuck! You’re one… Continue reading Maze of Confusion

The Voice of Fate

The moon in the middle of the dark sky, the clock rang announcing midnight; his horrible day was finally over. He dragged himself down the dark alley trying to get to bed as fast as he could. He walked lonely in the dark troubling his fate and destiny; when suddenly in that darkness raised a… Continue reading The Voice of Fate