One single star up there,the master of them all,the moon.Shining over the crowd,reflecting on the water,mixing its beauty with the festive lights.The Red, the purple, the green,and the yellowish fire,all mixing magically together.The music is getting higher, you’re detaching from the crowd,it dissolves in the background,you’re enchanted,floating above the masked faces,above the magical lights and… Continue reading Magical

So-called Lucky

As teens living outside the city, Beirut, represented for us the chance of change, and for some it was the freedom, and the land of dreams come true. Our short visits were to escape the routine life and enjoy the smallest thingsĀ as a featured movie premiere, shopping, and the small adventures. The people of the… Continue reading So-called Lucky

Beirut after Midnight

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon, the Middle Eastern country. Beirut during the day is a busy crowded city; from the early hours of the morning the streets fill up with people, rushing to schools, offices and wherever they might be going. Throughout the day it is always hard to get to an appointment… Continue reading Beirut after Midnight