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Is It an Illusion?!

On what seems like a bright morning, she got up, got dressed, and packed her stuff. She decided it was time to move on. She is still young, in her twenties and life seems to be shining up for her. Everything is going according to plan.

She headed to the subway, carried her luggage along with her, she bought a ticket, and sat on a side bench waiting for the train to come.  She sat there with a pack back by her side; life seemed to stop for a second and the heaviness of her internal luggage, thoughts, memories, and feelings, seemed heavier than she knew. Just burying it inside of her as she wanders around, made her feel dizzy.


The train arrived, she hoped in and took her place by the window and waited for the journey to start, a new life, a new destination, a new opportunity is waiting ahead.

Few minutes, the engine of the train started and they moved forward with an accelerated speed. She gazed outside in search for familiar places and faces where she is heading.  When out of the sudden, she panicked, stood up and started strolling around the small passages of the train; she checked the ticket and realized how overwhelmed she was by the heaviness of her luggage that she took the wrong train.

Strolling around wasn’t getting her anywhere, especially as the train went faster and faster. If she jumps now she’ll die for sure and if she stays it’ll lead her nowhere, but she had to wait, to sit and try to enjoy the journey.

After long hours and after getting miles and miles away from its initial position, the train stopped at the first site, it is someplace in nowhere land, she hasted down tumbling with her luggage. There she found herself at a dull subway, almost deserted except for few transit passengers and old rusty seats.

She sat there in panic, she can’t get back on the train, and she can’t walk all the way back, which in fact is an impossible thing to do. For seconds, it all seemed just an illusion, as if she’d been chasing after an empty dream. She closed her eyes in an attempt to relax and calm down.

When her eyes were opened again, she gazed around, she was back in her room, as if she never left, as she never took that wrong train, as if years, months,  days and hours haven’t past yet. As if it was all just an illusion! As if it was all just a waste of time!