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As I sat in the crowded bus on my way home, a small kid about 7 to 8 years old stopped the bus and hopped in. I looked at him wearing his school uniform,  carrying a backpack which is absolutely bigger and heavier than his tiny body. He sat by the window staring out as if he is dreaming of tomorrow while counting the minutes to reach home, after a busy school day.images (1) As I sat quietly in that crowded bus with the little boy just right behind me, flashbacks came into my sight to the time when I was at the same age as his,on a sunny day as this day.I remember how on sunny days my brother and I used to walk up the hill after school to wait for mom and avoid the traffic. I remember each sunny day as a special one on its own, how we used to race each other on the way up one day and haste ourselves up side by side the other.

For few minutes I felt like that little girl again, holding tight to my elder brother’s hand as he walked me to class. Again, I was that little redhead standing by the fence looking up for my brother, the feeling of joy came to me again as when I used to catch a glance of him far away in the playground.

When suddenly a car’s honk woke me up, I am back in the bus tired and sleepy waiting to get out of the traffic as soon as possible. As I wondered did time really passed? When did I get this serious? What happened to my childhood classmates? Where this life did threw them? Did they change? How do they look like now? Even I have become a different person myself and far away from that little girl.

It is weird how I can’t help but imagine my classmates as they were little boys and girls. As if I am the only one who grew up while they are still stuck in the old dusty pages as naughty boys and girls …

I keep on wondering when did I reach this stage of my life, did I really pass through all this or is it just another weird dream?!