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A Struggling Tornado

Hand s apart, your  legs dancing on the rhythm  of the air, feeling the wind through your hair and striking your face gently, flying freely, like a free-falling leaf dancing in the wind.

At once you feel wrapped, surrounded by the wind, as if your internal struggle is subjected into the outside; you’ve been caught by a tornado. There you are cycling around yourself inside it, as it moves dragging all what comes on its way from good and bad, filling the inside of the tornado.tornado_to_oz_by_karla_chan-d4qpnzs

You’re wrapped between images of past faces, echoes of voices and flashbacks to far away moments.

The tornado is destroying the path ahead, scattering it into pieces, crushing it and pitching its pieces as far as possible.

It keeps you wondering about your own faith, what would it be! Will you be dragged back to the past, will you be thrown into the future, or will you be crushed and doomed into pieces!

For now try to enjoy the ride, be part of the struggling tornado, the tornado was for sure unleashed for a reason.  Maybe you just don’t belong in your present time and maybe it might be taking you to another dimension.

A dimension where you can fly freely, where you aspire and acquire, where you dream and do, where the flower of your hard work finally flourish, where the sun will rise, and where even the darkest nights are lighten up with a shiny moon and twinkling stars.

Keep in mind that after each tornado, you can start again; you can stand on the broken pieces and just start again from scratch.