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Black & White

Early in the morning Black and White walk out of the apartment towards the elevator, Black looking great in his freshly ironed suite and new haircut. While White is looking very tired in his crumple clothes and messy hair gazing with his sleepy eyes at the floor of the elevator in an attempt to gather what’s left of his energy.

“Hey White are you still wearing yesterday’s clothes?”

“Yes, I stayed up all night replying to urgent emails and had no time to change before we leave”

“Oh are you that busy?!”

“Yup, aren’t you!!?”

“ Nope not at my department , they don’t need me I stare at the screens all day long, no emails , no phone calls, nothing at all”

“Oh I wish I can have a day like this but no they have to ask me about this and that, these and those …. Man I’m exhausted”

“I have an idea let’s switch places for the day, you go to my departments, get some rest and I’ll take you’re just for the day deal?”

“Won’t that cause us problems?”

“No it is legal for us to switch”

“Deal then, see you tonight”web-Wendy

White reached Dark’s office turned on the screens, positioned on the comfortable chair gazing at the screens. He saw the world in fresh new eyes; people cheating on each other, corrupting, lying, betraying, stealing, killing and doing things he never thought of and no one bothered to call him for an advice, as if he never existed. The idea of being useless irritated him, when he saw that bunch of suited men in a meeting. “Enough is enough, I got to do something!”

The day had finally come to an end; Black closed the office and walked home with an extra bunch of work to handle to White. When Black entered the living room, he found White sitting on the sofa, here take those papers, “I’m out of here I need some fresh air, tomorrow I’ll go back to my lovely quiet office”.

“I’m not sure about that” whispered White.

“What? Why?! What have you done Conscious White?”

“Well…Mmmm…I might have done something wrong”

“Something like what? Spill that bean out now White!”

“Well I was watching this meeting of the suited men and I thought I should do something about”

“Oh no no no …….not the suited men!”

“But their decisions were going to harm a lot of people, so I just made a call that’s it”

“Oh no! not the call! Conscious White I sent you there to get some rest not to bother the big heads!”

“Conscious Dark calm down a little when need to go to the court now”.

At the Conscious’s court the judge explained that the big heads complained about Conscious White’s behavior to the main office, Conscious White got fired, and banned from getting into any Conscious operation room for life, Conscious Dark would permanently take his place at the department while Dark’s operation room will be closed, there is no need for it obviously.