Lights and Flowers

Crowded streets, full of cars the fancy and the regular ones wandering the streets into different destinations, heading to restaurants, theaters, cafe, home or probably heading to a friend’s house.  Where ever it is going, its’ passengers are seeking for rest and joy after a long working day. There he is resting his back on… Continue reading Lights and Flowers

He is coming today!

Every morning, she prepares the coffee, places two cups on the tray and brings it out to the balcony. Afterwards, she gets dressed with one of her vintage beautiful dresses, shiny heals and leather bag  and heads  towards the markets with a lovely smile on her face as she says to every person she sees “My… Continue reading He is coming today!

A Struggling Tornado

Hand s apart, your  legs dancing on the rhythm  of the air, feeling the wind through your hair and striking your face gently, flying freely, like a free-falling leaf dancing in the wind. At once you feel wrapped, surrounded by the wind, as if your internal struggle is subjected into the outside; you’ve been caught… Continue reading A Struggling Tornado


Searching for the moon on a dark night, no sight of it, only darkness is mastering the quiet night… Not even a single star had the courage to show up… What have happened?!…darkness…Silence…fears…defeat…deserted places waiting for a single star to shine upon… Hidden faces in the shade behind the windows wishing for a single star…… Continue reading Darkness…


As I sat in the crowded bus on my way home, a small kid about 7 to 8 years old stopped the bus and hopped in. I looked at him wearing his school uniform,  carrying a backpack which is absolutely bigger and heavier than his tiny body. He sat by the window staring out as… Continue reading Flashbacks

A Crazy Wish

As humans we care so much about details, even the smallest ones. So when it comes to stories, we focus on every tiny thing that helps us in creating the image in our minds. When we are listening to our grandparent’s stories or even to our parent’s ones; we ask them about every single detail.… Continue reading A Crazy Wish


We are all born to be free, to take the lead and walk ahead, powerfully and liberally. Some believe that trapping themselves and waiting for the rescue is easier than fighting for life. They choose to lock themselves, to be imprisoned, silent and weak. They decide it is easier to hide in the dark and… Continue reading Freedom