The Voice of Fate

The moon in the middle of the dark sky, the clock rang announcing midnight; his horrible day was finally over. He dragged himself down the dark alley trying to get to bed as fast as he could.

He walked lonely in the dark troubling his fate and destiny; when suddenly in that darkness raised a loud mocking laugh arresting all the silence and freaked him out as he never had been freaked before.

Shivering lonely in that dark alley, trembling non reasonable words in his attempts to know what was that? Or actually who was that? The laugh was back followed by the answer “I am your fate you stupid! .So he gathered his breath and shouted distinctly: “Aren’t you satisfied yet! All what you’ve done and now you’re insulting me!”

Calm down little man I am the victim here! You invented me; you are nourishing me with your faults and stupidity. You are the one taking the actions and then you blame me for the reward. The credit is all yours when it comes for the worthy ones and you blame me for the rest. Stand up for your actions and stop acting like a victim.

As terrified as he was, he turned on the light with his eyes rolling around the deserted place; he was lonely as ever. He was just hallucinating; his actions are leading him through all his life. Now he is destined, fated to live such a life or die for it!

His terrified features are changed to shame and frustration; with only his shadow by his side. With no one there to blame and with his fate part of it; he just looked behind and accused his own shadow!!

Man nature refuses to learn the lesson; someone should always be blamed for an action, but never himself no matter what, as if his shade was not his.

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