A Crazy Wish

10507994_277497782435664_336475182_aAs humans we care so much about details, even the smallest ones. So when it comes to stories, we focus on every tiny thing that helps us in creating the image in our minds.

When we are listening to our grandparent’s stories or even to our parent’s ones; we ask them about every single detail. Details help us figure out what was going on, but there will always be something missing and shaded.

Stories from our decade and we can’t imagine it, so what about stories that took place hundreds and thousands of years ago! The stories we hear from that time seem unreal and so far away from our logical thinking, we get lost between the events, details, time and place.

From that moment of lost came a crazy wish; a wish to spend a day in every different decade. Imagine if you can witness great events that happened in history, if you can get to know world’s greatest mysteries and to meet the best people of the world.

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_2ryyl2kvf54wo48s8skkswggg_640A crazy wish that will help you reveal world’s secrets, unlock signals and you will get to know great people who history admires or was unfair with. This crazy tour will lead you to meet unknown people who had a great role in history, but they were not mentioned in your history book.

A weird world, where every society destroys the first and builds a new one, which in turn will be destroyed by another. A day will come where our world will be just a chapter in the history book and people would be wandering about our secrets and how did we manage to live in such a world?!

The same incomplete ending is written for different stories ….let your imagination on and search for the ending for the incomplete shaded story you heard.

10 thoughts on “A Crazy Wish”

  1. You are a great writer! Definitely love the content and just book marked your page. I write too…more like poetry and lyrics but I think we share the same mentality. check it out: waltherlopez.com your feedback is appreciated it 🙂

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