Searching for the moon on a dark night, no sight of it, only darkness is mastering the quiet night…

Not even a single star had the courage to show up…download

What have happened?!…darkness…Silence…fears…defeat…deserted places waiting for a single star to shine upon…

Hidden faces in the shade behind the windows wishing for a single star…

Reflections of dark inside and out…

Will there be a sight of a star before it is too late?!….

Will the light arouse on the darkness?!…

Will the day come to uncover it all?! Will it clear the road upon?!…

Will the shaded faces have the courage to face the light?! Will it go out the windows?! Will it bright up?!

Will the time come… when stars twinkle in the sky? When the moon chiefs the center of the sky and glow upon the shaded faces? Will the faces speak up and scatter the silence?

Or will it always be dark with shaded coward faces hidden behind the windows…?

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