One single star up there,the master of them all,the moon.Shining over the crowd,reflecting on the water,mixing its beauty with the festive lights.The Red, the purple, the green,and the yellowish fire,all mixing magically together.The music is getting higher, you’re detaching from the crowd,it dissolves in the background,you’re enchanted,floating above the masked faces,above the magical lights and… Continue reading Magical


We always lie to ourselves; we lie saying that we accept, we are strong, we are brave and we understand that is how life goes on. We lie saying that we accept that things should go in a certain way. We accept fictional and distance loss, we accept fictional “death”! But we are just liars,… Continue reading Loss

Mad World

We always look for the future, for better days to come, for better us in a better place in a better world. A better world we say and we’ve always been saying the same, we want a better world for our future and the future of those to come after us. What future are we… Continue reading Mad World

Land of Contradictions

It doesn’t matter how small Lebanon is, being a country that is barely shown on the world map, still as small as this land in the whole globe, it happens to hide as many diversities and contradictions as possible. This small land attracts tourists for its history, they come here for Byblos, Baalbek, Jeita, Rouche,… Continue reading Land of Contradictions


We are on a long journey of solving riddles, looking for answers in the echos of unsaid words, in the glimpse of charming eyes, and in the shy smiles. Sometimes, we risk it all and take chances. We risk everything based on a feeling, based on a guessed answer that might solve the riddle. We… Continue reading Riddles

Winter Is Here

Winter is here, that was the marking point into entering a new phase, a new season that brings its own habits along. It meant closing the windows in front of the early morning cold breeze, and the escaping odor of the Jasmine in the afternoon. It is marked by closed curtains and carpets that fill… Continue reading Winter Is Here

The “Jar” of Happiness

We tend to always focus on the dark side, and somehow forget that lots of great things happen with us. There are always those first time things that marks our life once and for all. Once I saw this idea where you create a “Jar” at New Year’s eve, and for the rest of the… Continue reading The “Jar” of Happiness