Behind the Sea

He sat in the yard, surrounded by high buildings, a glimpse of the sea can be seen from between the buildings. He stares at the sun-rays sparkling over the sea surface, dreamily imagining himself at the other side of the sea, at a better land. There he is a normal kid, getting dressed for school,… Continue reading Behind the Sea


The shadow reflecting in every corner The spirit flying in the room’s atmosphere How come you can be everywhere? How come each word and each picture links back to you? It goes back to you, to the person, to the spirit, to the life To the life that faded long ago To the spirit that… Continue reading Reflected

Words vs. Blank

Scratching words; wasting ink in search for a meaning. In search of a meaning, of a word, of a world. Waste of ink. Waste of words . Waste of time . What a world we live in? What is the meaning behind all this? Words on papers shouting desperately, shouting out for life, shouting to… Continue reading Words vs. Blank


Everything happens for a reason is something you come to believe in more and more by the day. Things happen, events, and people cross your path.  It all happens for a reason, but what if: What if you were leaving a trait behind? What if your acts were for an uncovered reason? What if you… Continue reading Clue


We read books, watch movies, dig into myths and fantasies, imagine what kind of person this imaginary character would be in real life. When everything sounds like an illusion and then this big lie, big confusion, this thing called reality shocks you hard and stronger every time.     Reality is cruel, crueller than the… Continue reading Unmasked


Footsteps arising through the dark little alleys, rising above the heartbeats sound, above the breaths noises. Getting higher and higher as the place narrows over your tiny body, and the darkness blocks your whole vision. One at a time you are getting smaller, weaker, and more vulnerable than ever. You’re shrinking in the dark, silenced… Continue reading YOU


Shadowing of the moonlight over the water Waves crushing the rocks Feet down in the sand Step by step The water rising above Deeper and deeper Losing your breath Salt in the eyes Silence of the world You and the sea Sinking deeper in the water Sinking deeper in the darkness Sinking deeper in the… Continue reading Sinking