We are on a long journey of solving riddles, looking for answers in the echos of unsaid words, in the glimpse of charming eyes, and in the shy smiles.

Sometimes, we risk it all and take chances. We risk everything based on a feeling, based on a guessed answer that might solve the riddle. We might end up happy, it might bring joy to the journey and leaves us more than happy that we risked it all.

Lots of other times, our actions bring us down and it breaks us. We end up with an experience, a lesson, and another memory in the books of our lives.

On another time, we turn around and walk away. We fear the risk, we fear the unknown, and what is hidden behind the corner. Our guessed answers make no sense, and our feelings are those of doubt. It is easier to walk away trough another route. A new route in search for another riddle to be solved and keeping the mystery of the first behind.

Riddles are everywhere, you should at least take the risk to solve one in a life time.

Riddles by: @alaminenour /photo by: @sahar_elamine

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