Mad World

We always look for the future, for better days to come, for better us in a better place in a better world. A better world we say and we’ve always been saying the same, we want a better world for our future and the future of those to come after us.

What future are we looking for in a world where children are being killed in their homes? Being killed just because it happens that they were born in a land that has been stolen from their ancestors and they have to suffer for that.

What future are we looking for when we still fight for the right of human rights?

What future are we looking for when greed and self-benefits are much more important than the suffer of a whole nation?

What future are we looking for when hatred, theft, and killing are normal news to the ear and eye?

What future are we looking for when a whole nation revolts against one person? Who totally ignores it.

What future are we looking for when everything is easy and nothing at all?

What future are we looking for when the nature itself is revolting against all the corruption and damage humans have caused all those years?

A future in a mad world, a world that is crushing itself altogether. A world where we are shrinking, shrinking in size as our voices gets louder and higher. Voices are getting higher and higher as we shrink, the echoes of the voices are fighting for the life and for a better future. Echoes of scattered voices, scattered around the world in different time zones with a wish that tomorrow will be better.

Either the voices will win or will be silenced forever against the madness of the world! As only shadows and silent figures can bear the suffer of a mad world. As everything would die and only shadows will remain.

“Mad World” by: Nour Al amine / Photo by: Husein Djulovic

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