A Call Before Dawn

Before dawn, the world is quiet, darkness, empty streets, the light of thunder striking through the window and breaking the silence of the night. Windows rattling, wind screaming through the cracks, the world is shaking, pairs of eyes sparkle in the darkness of the room, in wonder, in terror, gazing at the room dancing on the sound of thunder, the bed shaking on the same rhythm… seconds it is, it took just seconds for some eyes to be closed once and for all, and others to stay wide awake in waiting…

It took seconds to change everything, just like a scratch of a writer’s pen, or the ripping of a paper, an act of removing a whole chapter from the story and ending roles of characters just like this. Some are gone but the ink of the scratch leaves mark on the papers and the pieces of the papers ripped are still visible… the remaining eyes will still gaze in terror; some stories will always have a missing chapter. 

Is it a message from God? Is Mother Nature angry at us? Is it just a normal geological phenomenon? Whatever the answer is, the fact that the events of the story changed dramatically is the only actual truth. The closed eyes felt the terror for seconds and are gone, but the rest of the world is still gazing since the late hours of night before dawn…

Seconds serve as a reminder on how insignificant a human being is, how useless, helpless, and powerless one can be?! It is seconds that filled some hearts with fear and made them rush in terror filling the empty streets. It is seconds that fill some hearts with peace as they wait, waiting to see if that’s the end of the story or the end of another chapter…

Too much pain in this world, too much suffering, too much loss … and it’s one call in the darkness of the night that changes it all…

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