A Clown in Black!

In the middle of almost a deserted place, on the side of the high way, whether on a sunny beautiful day or a cold one, you’ll find him there. Sitting aside, in his colorful clothes, messy crazy hair, red nose, and his huge massive colorful shoes; surrounded by balloons of all colors, and the pink cotton candy enclosed in plastic bags as clouds around and above him. When you caught a sight of him, a smile is immediately drawn on your face.images

He is the mysterious clown, the colorful guy whom lives his life upon drawing a smile on the stranger’s faces, cheering both of the kids and the grownups.

Some may be afraid of his make-up face, and big shoes; the truth is he just a man, with a sad story, covering himself with colors and cheers.

A young man whom the life has drafted him to the edge, a man who is suffering enough to make a living out of the smiles he draws on people’s faces. Deep down under the colored layers, he is suffering, he’s in pain, he’s in need and he’s miserable.

He is a real man in black; he is a poor man in money and rich in his thoughts. He is a compassionate man turning his negative empty life into positive vibes andsad-clown smiles. He might look silly, scary or goofy, but he is just a broken black man knitting the scattered pieces of his life in attempt to draw a smile on your miserable faces.

He is the one to cheer you up on a bad day; he might steal a moment out of your busy day and hope to make you smile, while there is no one out there for him to cheer him up.

By the end of the day, he takes off his fake wig, colorful suite, huge shoes, removes his make-up and phony painted smile, showing his real weary cheerless face. He gathers the few pennies he gained this day, on his way to his dull home; he makes a quick stop to buy what he can afford buying of essential needs.

He is a real man in black who seeks hard to draw a smile on your face… he is the colorful clown!!!

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