Puzzle of Life

It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in a little tiny home or a big wide one since by the end of the day we all feel the same. We all nurture the same feeling of dissatisfaction and fear; fear of this mysterious life with its unknown future.

As human beings, we are never satisfied. When one has the money, he wishes for the family, and when he finally has the family, he wishes to go back to his solo life. We are all rotating in one big circle “life” always wishing for the change and for more and more.

At some point, we reach an uncontrollable feeling of love and happiness that drags with it a strong pitch of pain and misery. We experience a diverse mix of unknown feelings that we are incapable to understand. Until the time we lose someone/ something that the agony arouses.  We feel emptiness that once was filled while we lacked the ability to understand its value. It is the feeling of loss! It is a feeling derived from our own wishes; a wish to exclude someone or something from our life. Only after its loss, one becomes aware of its value, understands the importance of it and the huge empty space it left behind, and how much harder life would be after its loss.

This strong agony drags us into a huge storm of thoughts. We struggle upon thinking of this mysterious life and its secrets, about the future, about tomorrow, and what would happen next.  It’s not the end, the list of wishes continues with us along the journey of Life.  Our mysterious journey was once filled with mixed feelings that now unveil itself as dissatisfaction, fear, and misery.

We lose, gain, fall and stand up again, but we keep on going while fear is growing more and more inside us; the fear of tomorrow. Until one day, when we decide to stand up, face everything around us and understand every single particle in life. When we finally wander around us to see that it isn’t our fault that we lost something, it’s just life’s role, it’s our faith, and it’s our journey in life. It’s the role that in every time it gives us something, it takes something in return.

We understand, think and almost satisfied, but there is one more thing missing. We keep on living till our life’s puzzle is complete, then everything seems to be okay and it’s time to release our trapped souls to find its way back to the origin.

Puzzle of Life

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