Footsteps arising through the dark little alleys, rising above the heartbeats sound, above the breaths noises. Getting higher and higher as the place narrows over your tiny body, and the darkness blocks your whole vision. One at a time you are getting smaller, weaker, and more vulnerable than ever.
You’re shrinking in the dark, silenced under the world’s craziness, imprisoned within your own mind, embracing your thoughts away, flying between the words, and escaping reality. Escaping from the footsteps, from the darkness of the world, escaping to yourself, escaping away, and reflecting into yourself.

Within alone, but never lonely, within comes the truth, the reality, and the true hidden self. When reality keeps on hitting you in the face, when the darkness overwhelms, when you no longer fit in, when being you is the problem, Run!

Run into yourself, embrace your thoughts, love the self you are, run before you get poisoned by the ugliness of the world. Run but never change and never doubt who you are. 

The darkness is against you because you’re never accepting to become the oblivion. You never followed the crowd; so why now do?

Always be you ….

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