It Will Always Be There

Under the full moonlight, upon the sound of the striking waves, he lit a small fire on the shore and burned chapters of his life. Chapters he had written along fifty years. He cut off filthy papers out of the huge book. He wished for a fresh start, he wished for an easier life; without all the burdens of the past. He did a lot of awful things, his hands are dirty with blood, and his life is full of unforgettable mistakes that are hunting him every minute of every day.

He stood silently gazing at the fire eating pages of his life till the very last word, every mistake he did, all the people he caused harm to in the past, things he regrets every day, it is all being burned, it will disappear once and forever….

With the morning sunlight striking his face, he woke up on the shore. Sand covering his clothes, he straightened up, it has been a mad night and today it is a fresh new start, he thought, an empty book free of regrets. He sat there with an innocent smile drawing itself on his wrinkled face as he gazed at the striking waves, when it all came back again. The images of the past are reflected on the water, the sounds coming back to him with the light morning air, he thought the nightmare was over, he thought he erased it from the records.

He sat desperately screaming into the empty space as pain rose into his chest. When a young woman passed by him, jogging at this early hour of the morning, he scared her, she ran faster until he was out of sight. She caught her breath and walked slowly back to her house.

Later that day, she sat alone in her room flipping pages in her journal; from the very beginning till this moment. Tomorrow is her 30th birthday, she decided that from tomorrow everything will be different, she will be getting rid of all her mistakes and all the wrong people in her life will be crossed out.  She flips the pages again, tears some off, and crosses names. When she is done, she placed the journal aside and fall into a deep sleep.

That night she dreamt about all the events she cut off, all the people she crossed out, all the things she wished never existed, it all hunted her dreams. It was imprinted in her and will always be there…

On that same night, a teenage girl was weary with tears, earlier that day she fought with her best friend.  Terrible things were said and she is writing it all down in her journal, hatred words and descriptions.

With the early morning they fixed things between them, she hurries back to her journal and cut off that day’s incident, it will no longer exit. But from that day every silly fight, every kind of joke would bring that incident to the front again. It will always be there hidden in the back till a suitable moment…

With all the craziness going on this world, he closes the curtains and hid himself in the shades. A young man sits there drinking away his misery, he had messed things up this time, he hurt someone deeply and he cannot think of a way to fix the damage he did. He drinks it away in an attempt to forget it, forgetting is the best answer he has gotten so far.

It is over he thinks and goes out to the light, but all he could see is her image in the eyes of the people surrounding him, he hears her voice coming up with every sound, she is present in every way possible. She will always be there and he can’t change that.

Things we do in our life will always be present; our mistakes will always hunt us even after years and years. People we meet will always take a place in our memories. We might ignore all this, learn from it, hide it, and might as well cross it out, but it will always be there hidden for the purpose of coming up again at a certain time.

Things we write in our life can’t be erased completely, a trace of it will always be present somewhere else…

It Will Always Be There



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