The Virtual

Crowded busy streets; cars, people, noises, faces, and figures of people…

Over there a kid is dragged into a family gathering which he would preferably skip. There a mother is bouncing after her hyper kids, furious and mad on how her image is seen by others. There stands a guy nervously in front of a store waiting for someone to come out. On a side bench sat a fellow checking his watch every few seconds in despair as if waiting for another disappointment before he gives up and moves on. A girl is walking down the street as if it is her own stage with all her shopping bags and plastic face. A couple over there is sitting in a side coffee shop; enjoying their drinks as the waiter stares around helplessly waiting for his shift to end. A group of teenagers are marching the streets with their carefree laughter. Everyone is on his own rushing for something and for nothing; revolting against something and over nothing.

Each is locked in a bubble of thoughts, feelings, and plans. When in the crowded streets it all bumps into each other as the entire bubbles fly in the crowded space and high above it turns all into a virtual world.  Virtual lives, virtual smiles, virtual dreams, virtual revolutions, virtual fame, virtual feelings, and virtual people.

Virtual up in the wide space; virtual copies of what seems to be real…As if in an instant, it all vanishes, the voices silence, the faces fade, it all scatters and flies into the open space.

The virtual images are filling the space, taking over everything, and you can no longer distinguish which is real? And which is not?

Somehow you are looking at someone in the eyes and it seems it is only a projection of your own imagination. You are the only one seeing it, hearing its voice and feeling its presence. It is just an image you created.

In an empty space stand two figures face to face, but still which one is real and which is the virtual…


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