A Letter to Time

Dear time,

To the running away moments, to the moments that turn into memories, to the moments that turn into scars and pain, to the moments that turned everything upside down, and to the moments that pushed us ahead.

It was, it is, and it will always be a matter of a moment to see what is behind the mask, to see the deceiver. It is a matter of a moment to decide, to regret, to forget, to forgive, to walk away or to seize the moment.

It is the flying moment of time that changes everything.

To the single moment; that jumps into your mind suddenly, drawing a huge smile on your face and forcing you to escape with it and be overwhelmed by its joy.

To the moment that comes along with pain, it hurts too much that your body numb and hurts all at the same time.

To the moment of success; that brings along the pride and accomplishments into your mind and life.

To the moment of failure that keeps you depressed, stressed, and crushed.

To every single moment that flashes at some point with all its images and feelings.

To all the moments, some questions…

Are we destined by flying moments?

Are we forever limited and bounded by the idea of time?

When is the right moment?0528_time-pocket-watch

Should we wait for the moment?

Are we the ones creating the moments?

Are we part of the moments?

Do we chase moments?

Do moments come to us?

Can all the moments come at once and leave us free? Leave us free of all the limitations of time. Can the moments stop controlling our lives? Can the moments be just a benchmark rather than an obsession?

For once let us fly outside the limits of time, moments, and place…


Sincerely yours,

A light spirit


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