Am I Late?!

Wide fields and mountains really high, your shadow is here among the softness of the mud and on the toughness of the rocks. Your soul and your spirit are present. Where did everyone go?! Where are they now?! All quiet! All peaceful! Where are you now?!!Where have you been?!

You’re here; your voice is heard coming through the wind; between the high trees of life, your face is seen reflecting over the fields between the rays of light. The echoes of your laughs are rumbling in the wide spaces, the brightness of your eyes is sparkling along with the light, the beauty of your face and the magic of your being…where are you now?!

Empty cold places; abandoned fields to the wilderness of nature. Where did everyone go? Am I late? Did I come too early?
Beauty of the places, the peaceful environment, everyone is gone, they disappeared left this land to the wilds, and there is no sight of you…

The night is falling and the moon light is shadowing on the places. In between the rays of the moon comes images of places and times of those ran away faces, but where is everyone?
Am I late?!Did I come too early?!…

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